New Age Betsy: Finding the Spiritual Family

I come from what I like to consider a  ‘spiritually driven’ family. Although I am probably the only one in the clan to have adopted a New Age slant, there is no doubt that the rest of my immediate biological family live from the heart and spirit. My mum and the majority of her side of the family are Catholic, my dad and sister are Atheists, but they are each equally driven by things that set their creative souls alight whether they deem themselves ‘spiritual’ or not.

My dad and sister are both creative writers in their spare time, pouring their hearts into one novel after another for the sheer love of it. My dad will fall into a trance listening to practically any genre of music in a pitch black room, remaining far from our realm for hours on end. My sister is an extrovert and a proud feminist, fierce and wildly intelligent in her openness. My mum is ‘crafty’, a maker and a do-er, a nurturer and a coach. She is gentle and full of wisdom, an empath and an earthy creatrix. I am a doodler, singer, songwriter, blogger and thinker, dipping my toe into every medium, then fleeing from the oncoming waves of responsibility that come from the resulting projects. I’m anxiously philosophical, frantically clinging onto the edges of normality before dreaming myself into an existential crisis. “What is my purpose? What is my purpose?”

18217225_10155341582464047_827439296_nCollectively my clan are a very vocal, getting deep in discussion about world affairs or the latest television drama. My dad and sister go big on intellectual matters over dinner, drowning out the gentle background music or radio chatter. I throw in the odd opinion for good measure, and my mum (willingly or not) mediates, lightening it up when we lose our way. We are an unashamedly mad, loud, childish and loving unit. I am indeed very blessed.

We are, however, all over the spectrum when it comes to the question of what’s ‘beyond’. Whilst we might dare to touch on the subject during a post-dinner discussion, rarely do we share our authentic standpoint on what, or who, governs our existence. But I gather this much: no single one of us shares the same view.


As a millennial with an exhilarating, sparkly new spiritual-healing journey mapped out before me, so much of me wants to look to my clan to celebrate. They are so supportive and open to my conversations about the Universe. But I would love them to share the experience with me, to light a fire in the back garden, to meditate and chant with me in unison, to pray, hold hands, and to share miracles. But I also wouldn’t change my family for the world. I am so fortunate that they are encouraging me to explore and meet others along the way. I am at peace with the knowledge that this journey may require me to reach out to soul searchers beyond the confines of my own territory, if sharing deeply is what I intend to do.

I think most spiritual journeys generate a desire to proclaim the newfound faith to loved ones, or even to the masses, with the aim to find or form a community. To find a safe space to express our authentic selves. Or, to simply know that we’re not batshit crazy. The discoveries that come from spiritual healing can be so astonishing, it is amazing to the explorer that not everyone seeks to experience it. Some of them follow this niggle and do so with great success, becoming teachers and preachers, or spiritual leaders. Others hold the light as their own, with the understanding that those who are closest to them have their own belief systems, and should respect and honour them accordingly. Some will flit from open to closed, from opinionated to neutral, from digital to physical, testing the waters until they find a comfortable position from which to express their truth. Others say nothing, preferring to keep away from the danger of over-sharing. Whatever the reaction, I feel that there is an intense longing to become a part of a spiritual community once the beliefs take root.

So, despite having Anxiety, a disorder that makes social situations incredibly intense, I just couldn’t resist the urge to find a spiritual family. It was this that made me realise how important spirituality is to me now. To feel the fear and bulldoze through it was something alien and thrilling and came straight from the fire within, my Soul.

I decided to take this urge one step at a time, and started with my online social network. I was amazed by how many Facebook pages and groups I could find, join and follow. So I joined what feels like all of them. Thousands of women and men from all walks of life share their miracles and creations and wisdom and authentic selves. I wanted in. I filtered my Facebook Newsfeed to show only this, so that, if I am going to continue to commit to hour upon hour of mindless scrolling, it would at least give me a spiritual hit and a sense of togetherness in the process.

Watching others share their stories and their questions, I began to find my own voice. You would find my name in the comments section, another openly spiritual identity sharing a view without fear of judgement. Who would know how much courage it took me to press Enter? How many of these other commenters felt like this too? Not long after, was posting stories and questions, seeking advice and wisdom, and receiving loving answers. This was new and scary but even more wonderful.

18217060_10155341617094047_82348441_nBut what I found in abundance online was still lacking in the physical realm. I still yearned for humans – real, soft, warm and squidgy people – to talk to. I wanted to hold and be held in this new mindset. But before long, I would find exactly what I was looking for, because the Universe led the way. I found my spiritual family. A simple Google search would lead me to a new chapter in my story. Within a few weeks I would be sharing myself and listening with deep love in a women’s circle, meditating in a workshop with Lisa Lister, and dancing in a room full of strangers with Rebecca Campbell (and bringing my mum and sister along for the ride!). I became one with the sisterhood, and set my spiritual self free.

There is a vast spiritual community out there, and part of the beauty of the broadness of New Age spirituality is that it is so inclusive. And when I thought I wouldn’t find a local community to touch and to cuddle up to, one appeared right before me, practically on my doorstep. Such is the nature of faith and manifestation. While I can’t physically live with the spiritual family due to a) living with my guardian angel husband and b) the distance between many of its members, the result of meeting like-minded people in a safe environment is that we are now permanently connected by the Soul.

In my upcoming blog posts, I’ll take you into my new chapter, how I got there, and the reality (both promising and challenging) of meeting people who have walked a similar spiritual path.

Thank you so much for joining me.

Peace, love and happy soul searching ❤






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