My healthy, happy week: stepping out of my comfort zone and into faith

Hey soul searchers!

It’s been a heck of a week at work for Betsy Duff. Kayaking and raft building at a Team Away Day on Monday, a flashy corporate dinner on Tuesday, a large-scale art exhibit on Thursday, and a bit of team frisbeeing in the office garden (yep, we have a garden) in between. Needless to say I am SO lucky to work here. For anyone who doesn’t know, I run corporate events at the University of Worcester, where I also graduated with a First in Drama & Performance Studies.


In addition to all the crazy fun going on in the workplace, I’ve lost 5lbs in the last 2 weeks by giving my body what she needs more than what my Ego craves. More cashew nuts and fruit than chocolate and pizza. I highly recommend Mel Wells’ The Goddess Revolution for her body love wisdom. She sparked my inspiration to shift from comfort eating to self-love nourishment.

So, I’m chipper. And I believe wholeheartedly that this happy place has been the result of my growing faith in the Universe, my ability to go with the flow and surrender to the rhythm of life.

There have been so many times this week when I have been out of my comfort zone: I briefly presented in front of my team. I drifted across the lake in my kayak and had to be rescued. I fell backwards off a rickety raft and got completely submerged in front of my colleagues. I sucked at frisbeeing (I had no idea how much technique was involved). I spent the evening taking care of and dining with a very elderly and poorly gentleman (a local legend and sweetie for that matter) at the formal dinner I was coordinating. I asked for help rather than keeping my stresses to myself. I promised the event hosts that all would be under control despite flapping like mad on the inside.

There were also many opportunities for me to let my Ego bring me down. I was the big girl in the group, getting slower and sweatier with each activity, sport-related or otherwise, letting my guard down in front of people I respected dearly. I was acutely aware of my shape, of my weight, of my overall goofiness.

But did this stop me? Of course not. I threw myself into every part of this week because in my heart and Soul I knew I deserved to have the same zest for life as every other living thing on this planet. And my body thanked me for the exercise! A lot of stress was lifted from those moments of frolicking in the great outdoors.metalking

Beneath all these challenges was the security that no matter how tough or wobbly or terrifying these situations would be, I was living from my Higher Self, connected to Source, rolling with the purest and most positive of punches. I had faith.

And it’s as if my faith has increased exponentially. With every day spent from the Soul, another wonderful act of synchronicity has been offered by the Universe, and in turn my faith in the Universe has blossomed. I have never felt as trusting in something so ineffable as I do today. And this is only the beginning. So I’ll keep taking one leap of faith after another. With every leap I am witnessing just how magical this life can be. 

Next week doesn’t get that much quieter. But where in the past my Ego would have protested and told me I couldn’t handle this, my Soul now shines brightly, and the Universe continues to lead me to beautiful opportunities. I’m excited!

Last year I believed that I might never know what happiness feels like again. I thought Depression and Anxiety would anchor me down for the rest of my life. But the instant I listened to an alien desire to read, a desire that came from a place far deeper than the Ego, was the moment I would set foot on a path of spiritual healing. I am so blessed that I am reconnected with my Soul and my authentic self. Now I will set to work on being wildly alive.

Thank you for all your support. I am sending out positive vibes to all those who need it as they read this now.

Peace, love and happy soul searching ❤

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