About Betsy

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, close-up and indoorBetsy Duff (birth/marital name Becky Seabright), is 25-years-old and suffers with Anxiety and Depression. Discovering Spirituality in 2016, Betsy has almost entirely freed herself from the trappings of Depression and now explores the spiritual roots of her Anxiety.

At the age of 19 Betsy developed an eating disorder and an alcohol addiction. It took rock bottom for Betsy to finally hear the callings of her Soul, and her spiritual exploration brought these problems to a head and ended them once and for all. After studying the history of monotheism and spirituality, as well as the rise of the Sacred Feminine, in her spare time, Betsy has found her voice and is facing her mental illness with the support of the Universe.

Betsy now performs an unlikely duet with Spirituality, and aims to propose to others that there is a whole Universe out there ready to help those who ask for it.

In addition to her Spiritual writing, Betsy also discusses Spirituality and Anxiety in the corporate world, pushing boundaries in her own workplace as a means to raise awareness. In the space of one month Betsy opened up to the department about her mental illness through an Away Day writing task, delivered a presentation on the rise of the Sacred Feminine, and performed a solo music performance in a public venue to prove that she is now open to facing her fears.

Betsy has been published on outta.ca and has written 30 blog posts on her website betsyduff.com.