Betsy’s Body Love

Below you will find my Body Love Gallery. Check out Fat! What the ‘F’ word means to someone like me (and some #badassbackrolls) or I Love My Body: How I overcame a disorder and fell in love… to find out how I went from self-loathing to self-love.

For some of you, this may be like “TMI. Stop showing your fat to everyone. It’s unnecessary and attention-seeking.” But for the me of 2011 who struggled with an eating disorder, someone so devastated when they couldn’t find calories in a multivitamin tablet, someone who pinched and prodded and abused their skinny body for the small roll of skin that remained stubbornly over their hips, someone who thought about dying just to get out of the prison that was their bones, someone who yearned to love herself no matter what but could not see any way out… this would have meant everything. This is what I offer to her.

It’s a little gallery of self-love. I’ve left comments open which I’m aware could invite trolls or negative energy… but I return to them love as those in a negative place need it just as much.

Yes, I have fat rolls. No, I’m not everyone’s cuppa. Sure, people will judge. And from time to time, will judge myself. I am human after all. But below is a gallery that celebrates the closing of one dark chapter for the opening of a new and colourful, fatfull and exhilarating one. I came through the other side. For anyone out there who is struggling with body image anxiety, or depression, or an eating disorder, or just worried about their weight, this is what that nudge towards finding help could look like. Fat? Yeah I guess. But happy? Healthy? Loved? Loving? Joyful? Free? All of that too.

Sending my best wishes and body love to you all ❤